Brandon Robinson #44

Brandon Lee Robinson is a twenty two year old professional flat track motorcycle racer out of Oxford, PA.  BRob’s first taste of the two wheeled world came at the age of four.  From there he competed in the amateur ranks winning many district, regional, and national championships.  The 2007 season marked BRob’s first professional season racing in the pro sport division.  During this year he took 1 national win and 5 national podiums on his way to finishing the season ranked 2nd in the nation.  Robinson moved up to the basic expert division for the 2008 season.  He finally got his chance to race against the best at select GNC events.  At the first race of the season in Daytona BRob shot onto the scene of the GNC series by qualifying for his first GNC main in his first attempt.

As an unknown BRob backed up his performance the following night by posting the fast time in timed qualifying.  Later in the night BRob won his heat race and advanced to his second GNC main event in as many nights.  After a great initial start to the season BRob put his focus on the Grand National Basic Twins Championship.  The rest of the year saw BRob put up 5 national wins and 9 national podiums on his way to securing the Grand National Basic Twins Championship two races early.  This marked the first and only professional championship in his career to date.  For the 2009 season BRob moved up to the GNC division, which allowed him to compete full time against the best riders the flat track world had to offer.  The 2009 season was going exceptionally well for the rookie by qualifying for 7 GNC main events and sitting inside the top 15 most of the year.  However the 2009 season took an unforseen turn for the worst during a crash in the Indy mile main event.  BRob got tangled up in a first turn pile up with a few other riders that resulted in him being catapulted over the catch fence and landing in the road outside of the track.  BRob broke his pelvis in 4 places, his hip in 5 places, his hip socket, and his lower back.  The doctors projected that it would take six months before he could walk again and nearly a year until he was fully recovered. Thus brings us into the 2010 season.

With hard work at therapy and his dedication to the sport BRob hopped back in the saddle later in the 2010 season  Despite the physical after effects from the accident, which BRob can only feel about half of his right leg, he has slowly worked his way back into the GNC scene.  The 2010-11 seasons were very up and down as BRob only competed in a partial schedule where he had mixed results.  For the 2012 season BRob teamed up with legendary tuner Bill Werner on the Werner Springsteen Racing Kawasaki team.  It was just the combination needed for BRob to rejuvenate his career.  BRob was able to grab his first Grand National podium at the Indy Mile, the same place that almost ended his career three years earlier.  Moving into the 2013 season BRob has teamed up with the TJ Burnett Farms/USC Kawasaki Team to pursue the AMA Grand National Flat Track Championship! For 2015, he has landed with Latus motors Racing based in Eugene, Oregon.